One more sleep til the end!

Its the eve of the final day. I can’t wait for the festivities of tomorrow but at the same time I don’t want tomorrow to come, because it means this journey will be over.
Its been a long day of riding so I better give a quick synopsis or the day before my eyelids droop shut. The day started with a grand send off from 40 people waving and snapping photos as we rolled out from my boyfriends family gathering in Bracebridge. Then it was straight to the bike shop to fix Nellie’s broken spoke and on to the grocery store for our daily provisions. Then, time to ride!

We tried to make a direct secondary route north but found ourselves frustrated with having to stop and check the map every 15 minutes and still making a few wrong turns.


Just as we thought the hills and navigation was enough, we found ourselves surrounded by poorly signposted gravel roads. Great. 175km of this would be impossible before dark. It was time to reassess our route. We decided to hit the highway and aim for Powassan instead of Nipissing Village. The shoulder of the highway was wide, smooth and flat (I am so glad they did that excessive rock blasting to prevent the highway from constantly rolling with the hills, they must have planned it with cyclists in mind). At one point we even had a tail wind and were coasting 40km/h on an incline! Our new route was slightly shorter than our projected route, but we still broke record distance.

We were hoping to tent on the lawn at the Sparrow’s Nest B&B but instead we have been spoiled! A long bubble bath,


followed by visiting over a mug of hot tea has been nothing short of amazing after a cold and rainy day of pedaling.
My eyes are shutting, time to enjoy the bed before a final ride into North Bay!



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