Day 1 St.john’s to Argentia ferry

130km for Habitat in 6h40min climbing 1368m before returning to sea level. garmin says it burned 2999 cal, no wonder i was hungry.


Day One Thoughts

I woke up this morning like a little child awaiting presents under the Christmas tree, springing out of bed despite staying up for night of newfoundland music and screech in the night before. I zigzagged my way down to the harbour where the streets were quiet. I asked a street cleaner to take a photo of me and then I made my way down to the deserted dock. I took one look at the gorgeous sunrise over the ocean, set my GPS and started pedalling. My route took me through several costal towns overlooking Conception Bay. A breathtaking view in the morning light. As I returned to the TCH the traffic became a little heavier but the scenery was still incredible. I rode past the barren fields, huge lakes (or as newfies call them “ponds”) and towering green mountains. 85km in I stopped at Whitbourne before continuing down the 100. I few kilometres after the turn off the gradual ascent of the road seemed to never end and the fatigue started to kick-in. Thankfully I was promptly rewarded with a downhill another incredible view. Along my way I met a girl who was on the last leg of her bike trip from Vancouver. Inspiring! I arrived at the ferry 4hrs prior to my ETA so I went into Placentia for groceries. Now I sit on the ferry content to be off my bike saddle and excited for tomorrow’s ride to Gillis Lake.