Day 9 Bedford to Truro, Nova Scotia

Rode 86km back up to Truro along route 2 in 3h45min with an average speed of 21.9km/h.


Bay of Fundy scenic route

The weekend was wonderful. We had amazing weather with few hills on our route. It was an equally great experience to have the evenings to visit with old friends and family that we stayed with along the way.

Today Nellie and I had our first full day of riding together which has worked out so well. We take turns following close behind eachother which makes pedaling against the wind so much easier.  We decided to take the scenic route along the coast to see a bit of the highest tides in the world! The route was really varied, rolling over farmland, weaving between towering hills and opening up to fields of grass. The cliffs, the mud, even the roads are a deep red colour.

Photo: A lovely lighthouse lunch break. Only 75km to go!

I great lunch break at Five Islands lighthouse

I think we will sleep well tonight in our complementary hotel room (thanks Westmount Hospitality!) before we kiss Nova Scotia goodbye and say hello to New Brunswick!

Tall ships and navigation

After leaving Bedford yesterday, I rode a short 20km to Halifax to meet Nellie. I found her putting her bike together from the flight from northern BC. She was alert and bubbly despite finishing her final exams and flying across the country in the past 48h. She seems like a good resilient bike partner!

That afternoon, my cousin’s girlfriend, Maggie showed us around Halifax. Its a cute and bustling town, especially with the tall ships festival on right now.


Today Nellie and I will be sitting down to check the map and make sure we have our route set right before we ride north for a night in Bedford. The journey begins!

On the fundraising end, we are only $75 away from reaching my target of $1/km! Keep it up!

Just puttering along

St. Peter’s to Antigonish was a beautiful ride and slightly easier terrain than the previous day. image

When I arrived to Antigonish I met up with a friend from Whitehorse who also happened to be travelling through. Downtown, I enjoyed the best tasting ice cream cone I have had in a while (100km of cycling really brings out the flavors). Afterwards, I biked up to another friend’s place where I managed to visit with them for a few hours before crashing in bed.

Yesterday’s start was mentally tough. To give you an idea, it was like dragging yourself out of bed to go to work early in order to meet a deadline that you set yourself. On a day that your boss isn’t in to check in on you. I thought to myself “No one would really notice if I just stopped off for a nap and a chocolate bar for the next half hour.” I never did, but my average speed was definately slower than previous days.

When my lunch break rolled around, I stopped off to visit my Pat, who is working at a summer camp. He gave me the tour of the camp and even let me climb up the high ropes! Definately brought back fond memories of my summers at camp filled with sailing, campfire songs and massive games of hide-and-seek.

The remaining ride to Truro was hot and I probably should have stopped to apply some sunscreen,no burn, but you can certainly tell where my sleeves and shorts end as well as my direction of travel by the dark lines on my right side. I am now at my aunt’s place where I have enjoyed a delicious meal, gorgeous sunset and lovely conversation. Today onward to Bedford! (Just outside Halifax).

If you haven’t already, be sure to visit the Donate page. I still have a few hundred dollars to raise enough for $1/km I ride!