The most important page

I hope everyone who visits the blog gets the chance to read this page so that I can show my appreciation to all the businesses and individuals who have contributed to this ride!

  • BJ & John from Habitat for Humanity North Bay and Blue Sky, I would never be able to figure out this web stuff or get the news out without you guys.
  • My sister Hannah for designing my cards and the signs. They would have looked awful without your help.
  • My mom for coordinating the entire BBQ
  • Nellie for riding with me
  • Westmount Hospitality, for offering Nellie and I a place to rest along our travels! Thank you for your coordination Georgina.
  • Ian and Mike at Beatty Printing for printing my business cards! (What an excellent surprise)
  • Cycleworks and Kunstadt for helping with the bikes and gear
  • Food Basics for donating grub for the BBQ
  • The Lighthouse for your donation to Habitat
  • Vaughan Paper Products for the amazing signs
  • Sparrow’s Nest B&B for hosting us on our last night
  • YOU for showing interest in this journey, Habitat and donating to an important cause


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